London, My Muse

Ever since I came to London for the first time in 2010, I have been mesmerised and inspired by this city. So many stories exist because of London. From tales about its people and its history to English literature and British culture and media.

Although to be honest, my love for the city and the country it belongs to started long before I ever actually got to visit.

After a failed attempt at studying art and culture policy at university, I was going to switch courses. But at this point I really had no idea what I should do with my life and a mild depression had hit not long before for a variety of reasons. My mum encouraged me to try a new uni course for six months until the new uni year would start to keep my mind busy. She urged me to choose a course I knew I was good at: my best subject in secondary school, English.

Mums definitely know best, because six months later when the time came to change to my proper new course (History), I didn’t. I had fallen in love with the British culture, English literature, its history, its architecture and its language.

Fast forward four years to 2010 and I finally got to visit the city I had learned so much about at university and had fallen in love with. Through tales of its foundation by the Romans, of its Kings and Queens that followed, its world renowned literature and its unparalleled theatre and culture: London thrives on stories.

And so I feel that I thrive when I’m in it.

The inspiration that London provides is instantly tangable to me when I step into its world. The history and culture of the place is embedded in its very foundation: literally. When I walk and travel around London, I feel the history of this incredible city with its tragedies and victories oozing from every street corner. I feel the stories lining the roads of the theatre district and its culture and life flowing out of pubs every time their doors open and close.

It’s a world I belong to, but also not, because I’m not a Londoner; I’m a Dutchie who occasionally gets to revel in London’s inspiring embrace, but always has to leave again.

Thankfully I always do filled with a renewed zest for life, and for writing. It sustains me until I get to revisit the magnificent London another time.

Me on the London Eye River Cruise near Tower Bridge last Saturday

2 thoughts on “London, My Muse

  1. Such a wonderful declaration of love. It was a pleasure to read and makes me want even more to visit London one day. Thank you for sharing, Sani 😘❤️


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