Blog: My (Non-)Writing Summer

A blog post on how my summer unintentionally became devoid of writing

Summer has always been a challenge for me. Not just because the high temperatures tend to disagree with my body, but also because seeing people go on far away holidays or even a nearby beach or festival while my body and mind keep me home is tough.

So this summer I had planned to spend mine writing!

Creating and writing my short stories has been making me so happy this past year. To spend my summer writing meant I’d also be able to go on holiday to far away places or nearby garden parties too, except in my own head!

Unfortunately reality decided differently. The hot weather influenced my body immensely and I have not been able to write much at all because of it. It became so frustrating that by mid July, I had to decide to take a complete summer break from it, like I used to in school, and hope that by the end of summer, I’d be feeling a little better.

Thankfully, I do!

Though, while I wasn’t able to do much writing, I did spend part of my summer thinking about writing. In particular about what type of stories I want to write, since to this point I have dabbled in different types.

Sure, the main two genres stayed the same, but some stories were more serious and intense than others and I felt that I might want to focus my writing a bit more.

Of course I went back and forth on this as my ideas are always all over the place and I enjoy thinking about all kinds of stories, from murder mysteries to scifi operas. So in all honesty, I haven’t quite reached a conclusion on that query yet! I just enjoy it all too much!

With summer coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, I am glad to say that despite a non-writing summer, there are stories that I am quite excited about sharing. More on those in my next blog!

So while I spent most of my writing summer not actually writing, I was definitely thinking about writing. How lucky are we to have an imagination we can always retreat into during difficult times!

How has your summer been? Or winter if you are below the equator? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Lots of autumn love,

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