Blog: When An Alien Comes To Visit

Behind the story: ‘Crash Landing‘.

In this blog series, I write about the stories I have written so far and my personal meaning behind them.

Not everyone likes to know what a writer intended when they read stories. A reader might prefer to focus on their own interpretation and keep the writer’s personal view of the story separate, and that is completely understandable and fair!

But for those who do like a little insight into how I write and why I write what I write, this post might be of interest to you.

To some of you it will come as no surprise after reading ‘Crash Landing‘ that the movie Paul has been one of the inspirations for this story. I have watched that movie countless of times and it has always made me want to write my own version of the ‘humans encountering an alien’ trope. The possibilities it offers are endless!

Yet the specific idea of an alien crashing through someone’s roof actually came from a dialogue prompt I encountered on Instagram. I wrote it down as the absurdity of calling the insurance company in such a situation made me laugh. Not much later I started writing ‘Crash Landing’.

While at first this story was meant as pure entertainment, as I continued writing it I noticed themes started to emerge.

One of those themes is ‘fact versus fiction’ and believing the lie when served as an easy truth.

From all I have written so far and what I am currently writing I have realised that the issue of lies versus truth has a recurring role in my fiction. I had an obvious interest in this subject as a journalist and as it has continued to play such an important part in the world today it is one that remains close to my heart.

So naturally it features heavily in my fiction.

On a more lighthearted note, the idea of an alien going to a sci-fi convention came to me as I was writing.

As someone who’s been to sci-fi and fantasy cons, it was fun to play around with the idea that some of the humans there dressed in amazing cosplay are actually aliens. What better setting to blend into and be your best alien self!

However, what is new for me is setting off writing intending a story to be a comedy. What I definitely discovered during the writing of this is that humour is very hard to gauge as a writer. I have no idea if the reader finds it as entertaining or funny as I do while writing, or whether they find it droll or predictable. That has made it scary for me to publish this story, but at the same time I feel it has been a good learning experience. Not to mention fun!

Another trope I came back to in this story is that of the adult versus the child.

Being a bit of a Peter Pan myself in the sense that I don’t want to grow up and lose my inner child’s sense of wonder and imagination, it seems to subconsciously become a topic I often write about. Here, it is a short exchange between Zeldi and a child, but one that felt very fitting. I couldn’t bear to scrap it, even if it’s a theme I used in my previous story ‘Cressida the Witch’ too.

Though ‘Crash Landing‘ is a very different type of story from ‘Cressida’, there is another theme both stories have in common – and I think it’s safe to say that it’s a common theme in all my stories, past and future.

It is the theme of an ordinary human suddenly finding themselves in a very extra-ordinary fantastical situation. I enjoy exploring all the possibilities that this trope offers. While in ‘Cressida’, a park ranger suddenly finds himself surrounded by magical lights and communicating animals, in ‘A Year of Magic‘ an unsuspecting girl finds out she is a witch and in ‘Crash Landing’ an alien comes to tea – or rather for a midnight snack.

But the invite to tea still stands, so who knows what the future brings!

I can only hope you enjoyed ‘Crash Landing‘ even just a fraction of how much I enjoyed writing it!


3 thoughts on “Blog: When An Alien Comes To Visit

  1. First of all, thanks for the insight you gave me about writing this story. I find it very interesting what moves you when you write and what inspires you. Now, about that movie ‘Paul’, seems it is another thing we have in common because I also love the movie, have seen it several times and when I’ve read your story, it really reminded me of it. 😀
    The story with Zeldi and the child, I loved it, really could see it before me and it totally fits into the story. About truth and lies, yes, more often than not you tell the truth and people think it’s a lie and otherwise. It’s truly insane, isn’t it? I remember the movie “Grosse Point Blank” where John Cusack plays a hitman and at the school reunion comes up, one of his old class mates asks what job he has and he says the truth:”I am a hitman” and his class mate laughed and said: Good joke. LOL Tells me that people are really easy to deceive, obviously they want to.
    Now, writing a comedy or something funny is really tricky for a writer and I can understand that you felt a bit scared by publishing it because what if they don’t find it as funny as you thought it is? I remember writing my fanfiction and often had the same fear because in my mind it was funny and light and entertaining. I only could hope that others saw that the same way.
    But then again, I said to myself, that I was writing for me and that this was my story and if others don’t like it, the hell with them. LOL You should think that too. 😉
    By the way, I really enjoyed all your stories so far, they are funny and witty and exciting and entertaining and your characters are written so well, I would love to meet them in real life. It really shows that you have fun writing this stories.So, I am looking forward to the next one.


    1. Bless you hun! Thank you so much for all you say! It is truly helping me continue and stay motivated and realising I’m on the right path😊

      What a great example, that movie and him saying he was a hitman and nobody believing him! Isn’t it interesting how that works. I’m truly fascinated by it. Cos I know I’d be the same!

      Thank you so much for saying that about all characters. As a writer I honestly could not ask for more and my heart is full because of your words☺️❤️


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