How To Be A Writer

Why you don’t have to write every day to be able to say you are a writer.

What makes you a writer?

So many articles have been written about this subject. ‘Write every day!’ one piece says. ‘Write a 1000 words every day!’ says another piece. ‘Sit at your desk every day!’ says yet another. Clearly there are many different articles all with their own criteria and opinions on what constitutes a writer. Here I am to add another article to that long list!

Because I disagree with most of them.

I do now, anyway. I admit I believed all those articles not long ago. Which is why I never felt like a writer. I didn’t write every day. I didn’t even write every other day. Or every week. Or even every month. Let alone a thousands words a day.

I still don’t do any of those things.

Do you also feel a fraud, because you don’t write each day? Because you’re not published? Because you’re not original? Because you feel your writing can’t live up to expectations, your own and from others?

I’ve been there too.

But, finally, this year, all of this changed. Now I feel, no, I know that I’m a writer.


Because I love writing. And I write. When I can, which unfortunately isn’t as often as I’d like. But since this isn’t my fault, I realised life isn’t so simple that you can expect every writer to write every day or write a certain amount of words each session. Life doesn’t work that way for some of us – or perhaps even most of us -, especially when writing can’t sustain you financially.

But this does not make you any less of a writer!

We all life in different circumstances and all of these impact our writing. Whether you have physical or mental struggles – which often mean you can’t write or you don’t feel up to creating -, whether you live a busy life, or whether it is all of the above: know that you are no less of a writer because of this! How can anyone tell us – you and I – that we are not writers just because we can’t write every day? Because we don’t adhere to a standard put upon us by others?

To me, being a writer is about being in love with writing, in love with your own imagination, with the craft of language, even when sometimes all they do is drive you crazy.

To me you’re a writer when you say you’re a writer and you believe it.

So call yourself a writer and be proud! The confidence you put in yourself by saying it will turn into a belief and that belief in yourself will help your writing, no matter when or how many times you are able to create.

So, happy writing, all you wonderful writers out there, no matter your circumstances!

Lots of love,

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