Audiobook: An All Hallows’ Quest

Happy Hallowe’en one and all!

I have something very exciting to share with you today!

I narrated my first story!

And it was so much fun! So if you prefer listening to a story over reading it and if you fancy listening to me reading you my wee Halloween tale (for all ages), during your commute, your tea break or after the movie that scared you out of your wits, below you find the audiobook of “An All Hallows’ Quest”, narrated by yours truly!

Note: as it is my first attempt at narrating and at making a video, the audio and video contain some issues I need to work on. Know that I am aware of them! I hope it is not too distracting for you at this time, but know it will be remedied going forward.


Of course you can also read “An All Hallows’ Quest” yourself here!

Whatever your plans for today, or whether or not you have any, I hope it’s a wonderful day for you!

Lots of spooky love,

Thank you so much for reading/listening!
Be sure to leave a comment or feedback below or on YT if you liked this story!
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