Behind The Story: An All Hallows’ Writing Quest

In this blog series, I write about the stories I have written so far and my personal meaning behind them.

Not everyone likes to know what a writer intended when they read stories. A reader might prefer to focus on their own interpretation and keep the writer’s personal view of the story separate, and that is completely understandable and fair!

But for those who do like a little insight into how I write and why I write what I write, this post might be of interest to you.

“An All Hallows’ Quest  is a short tale and a perfect example of a story taking the writer along for a ride to a place she did not expect!

My intent when I started writing “An All Hallows’ Quest” was to create a fast-paced action-packed adventure story for the kids. But what it turned out to be, is everything but that!

So how did that happen? How did I get from the intention to make it one thing and then end up with a story which is completely the opposite?

The premise from the start was that the barrier was going to close, but as I wrote it, the solution to this fictional problem presented itself as much more emotional than I had anticipated.

But to me it felt fitting and so I went along with it and didn’t try to change it into something else. Sometimes as a writer you don’t have a conscious say in where a story leads when you start it without a detailed plan – and sometimes even when you do have one!

Halloween for many of us is a holiday that involves dressing up and carving out pumpkins, but for many others in the world it is about remembering and honouring those who have passed. From the intention of the story being about the first, this story changed into being about the second. It seems this was more present in my subconscious and thus brought to the surface as I was writing.

Because that is where I believe our stories come from: we consciously make a plan for our next story, but as we write, elements from our subconscious come to the surface to influence the story and where it might go – if we let it!

Showing me this process once more during writing, “An All Hallows’ Eve Quest” turned into another example of how magical and unexpected writing fiction can be. You truly never know where you will end up when you start writing!

It makes writing a story as much of a surprise as reading it!

And I love it!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve/Samhain/Day of the Dead!

And if you happen to enjoy listening to stories too, check out my audiobook version of ‘An All Hallows’ Quest’!

Lots of love,

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