Blog: Christmas Masterpost

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! I wish you all a wonderful festive season, but if you’re not feeling it for whatever reason, I’m sending you some extra love!

In case you are in the mood for some short reads this Christmas time, I thought I would do a masterpost of all my stories this year. Have a browse, see what you fancy, have a read and let me know which is your favourite!

Erasure’: a sci-fi story set in the near future in which a new technology promises to change the lives of people with experiences they are desperate to forget. [Rating: 13+]

A Year of Magic’: a modern fantasy story for all ages. On Madeleine’s 13th birthday she is visited by a red-haired stranger. He brings her gifts and a secret about her past that will change her future forever. If only her family approved.

Cressida the Witch’: another modern fantasy tale for all ages. Park ranger Wally is struggling to cope with humanity’s effect on the forest he takes care of. But then one night, he encounters a little girl that will alter him and the park forever.

Crash Landing’: a modern sci-fi fantasy. When Giselle wakes up in the middle of the night from a loud noise, she did not expect to find an unconscious alien on her living room floor. (Rating: 16+ for language)

An All Hallows’ Quest’: a children’s fantasy story for all ages. Hallowe’en has arrived and four friends are excited to leave the afterlife for that one evening. But then, the barrier between the worlds abruptly closes. Listen to the audiobook here!

How To Be A Superhero’: in a world now filled with superheroes and villains, a young disabled woman tries to find her way. One morning, on her way to her new place of work, she finds herself right in the middle of an alien invasion and she learns firsthand what it takes to be a real superhero, whether you are able-bodied or not. (9+)

Audiobook ‘A Friendly Neighborhood Christmas’: a Spider-Man fanfic for all ages. Tim is celebrating Christmas Eve with his family, but isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. Then he meets someone rather unexpected.

I hope you find one that you’d like to read! And don’t forget to let me know your thoughts afterwards!

Lots of holiday love,


Thank you so much for reading my stories this year!
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