Blog: Goodbye 2019

What a writing year it has been!

With a lot of creative firsts:

⁃ I published my original fiction.

⁃ I received love on my shorts.

⁃ I got my own domain name.

⁃ I narrated a story.

⁃ I entered the online writing community.

Publishing my work indie-style (being an indie author means you are the ‘creative director’ of your books, from writing it, to publishing the finished product and marketing it) has made it a super special year for me.

Being a ‘published writer’ via the ‘traditional’ publishers never seemed like an option for me with so many incredible writers and stories out there, but I also hadn’t anticipated how much I love being an indie author and how much the freedom of indie work has helped me create. I am free in my mind to write what I want, where I want and I truly feel that it has helped me write this past year.

Could my stories be better? Of course. I am sure an editor or even a proper beta reader could help me make my stories more polished and a lot better, but for now I’m liking the mental freedom writing and publishing on my own terms provides me. Will it be like that forever? I hope not. But for now, it is enough, because I am loving the whole writing process, and isn’t that what it is all about?

I cannot wait to experience what my imagination will come up with in 2020!

For now, I can tease that I’m busy editing my space novella. I love working on it and I can only hope you will love reading it just as much!

Happy new year!

Lots of love,

Thank you so much for reading my stories this year!
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