Dear Fellow White People

Dear fellow white people,

Being white means…





…giving space to Black voices;

…showing empathy and compassion for a life experience you will never fully understand because of the colour of your skin;

…calling fellow white people out on their thoughts, words and behaviours;

…giving your time to act and reflect on all of the above.

And if you read this and still wonder why this global outrage is necessary in the 21st century when surely things should be better, watch this and go inward to look at your own behaviours and prejudices:

It all starts within each of us. We must do the work, all of us white people, to make the world a safer place for those who weren’t born with a white skin.

And if you are reading this as a person of colour: I know I will never understand what life is like for you, but I do hope you feel that I – and many others who are white – stand beside and with you. Because Black lives matter🖤❤️


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