A Different Christmas

Happy holidays, one and all!

Got your tree? Your lights? Cookies? A blanket?

Then you’re all set!

Because let’s be honest, for many of us that’s how we’re going to spend it: on our own on the sofa with a cookie in one hand and the remote in the other. Happy 2020 Christmas!

Yeah, I can joke about it, but I know how hard this will be for so many of you. My country, the Netherlands, is currently in a hard lockdown. In many ways it’s even stricter than the one in spring. It means many won’t celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, whether because it is not allowed or because you choose not to because cases have spiked recently.

Plus, many friends in the UK are deeply affected by current developments. I’m thinking of you all!

I wrote about the mental struggles that can pop up around the holidays last month. In it, I wrote down some tips I’ve gathered over the last couple of years. Perhaps some can help you if you struggle with the holidays and loneliness too.

But most importantly I just wanted to take this time to say that, while yes there are plenty who ignore the rules and the risks, the rest of us are all in the same boat. It automatically means we share a bond, as we live the same experience. Isn’t it mad? So many countries, so many different lives, yet here we all are, dealing with the same, though thankfully temporary, reality. It always helps me to think of this in a time of crisis: none of us are truly alone, even if it feels like we are.

Therefore, I hope we will all help each other get through this time as much as we can, even if it just by offering a listening ear. I offer mine to you if you need someone to listen or to talk to!

Take care of each other, folks!

x Sandra

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