End of A Year

Nothing makes you reminisce like the ending of a year.

At least, normally it does.

But this year everything is different and even reminiscing feels odd. It has been such an unprecedented one in so many ways and so reflecting on a year like this one is quite unfair. Because it often goes hand in hand with judging yourself while most of us will not have achieved what they planned on doing. Because in many ways, we still seem to live in March because so little has happened. Or so little has been able to happen. Because we have had to endure something completely unlike anything our generations have ever experienced, on a global scale, and to take stock of yourself in such circumstances really isn’t fair on yourself.

So, instead, simply take a deep breath and remember that despite everything that this year has brought you coped, no matter how well or how badly, and you made it through. That is all that matters.

Now hopefully onto more hopeful times for us all.

Have a lovely NYE and stay safe!

x Sandra

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