My Murder Mystery Book Title Reveal!

I felt it was time to finally talk some more about the murder mystery, or as it is most commonly known these days my cozy mystery, which I have been writing for the past several months.

And most of all I felt it was time to finally reveal the title!

I am still in the middle of writing it and it will be a while before it is finished, but I am so very excited about it and so I really wanted to start sharing more about my novel to-be. And what better way to begin sharing than by dropping the title?

So here it is! Scroll on down and see the title of my murder mystery series and the title of the very first book in what I hope will in fact become a series!

So there you have it: the title of my novel is The Rosa Rivera Mysteries! And book 1 is called: Death in the Family. I wonder what happens… haha!

I hope you guys are even a teensy bit as excited as I am!

I hope to share more with you about the novel as I continue writing, such as character descriptions and some plot teasers. So please, I would love to hear what you think of the title! And is there anything you would like me to share about the novel? Do let me know in the comments!

I hope you will continue to follow my mystery writing journey!

x Sandra

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