My ME/CFS Fundraiser: My Life With Chronic Illness

There are two weeks left on my fundraiser for research into the illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – also known as ME/CFS – for Open Medicine Foundation (to donate go HERE) and I wanted to give an update on the things I have been sharing over on my Instagram for the past several weeks.

On my page, I post a photo every day with a caption on how my every day life is impacted by this debilitating chronic illness.

For example, I write about how the weather impacts the condition for me or how health anxiety is a big consequence of getting chronically ill. Of course I also talk about the impact of the pandemic on those whose lives have been spent at home in isolation for years before the world joined us in that. You can still check out my posts for the next couple weeks on my Instagram if you’re curious about how I make the most out of life with chronic illness!

Meanwhile, the fundraiser is still up! So do you have some pennies to spare and would like to do a good deed, then you could perhaps consider donating any amount you can part with to my fundraiser here! Your money goes directly to Open Medicine Foundation, a non-profit organisation who fund research and awareness into complex illnesses such as ME/CFS, but also Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

For years now I have followed their work and the studies they fund and I have seen how their research changes so many lives by merely finding ME to have a biological cause. For an illness plagued by so many misconceptions all over the world, that in itself means a drastic change in how the medical world looks at us. But more research is needed to pinpoint exactly why the condition is triggered and what can be done about that.

Donate here or share the fundraiser with your own tribe by clicking a ‘share’ button below!

Whether you are able to donate or not, thank you for reading and for your interest in the often hard to grasp topic of invisible illness!

Lots of love,

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