With one more week to go on my fundraiser to fund research into the condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (also ME or chronic fatigue symdrome), I wanted to share some other articles with you on the reality of this illness for others.

  • People Magazine dedicated an article and video to the story of Whitney Dafoe, a once active man now completely bedbound by the condition, while his father, Dr Ron Davis, works tirelessly to help find a cure for his son, and other patients like him.
  • Some of you might have heard of the word ‘spoonie’. It is a nickname for those who live with chronic illness. It comes from this article written by Christine Miserandino in which she tries to explain her Lupus to a friend. Even though the so-called ‘spoon theory’ is a simplified version of life with chronic illness, it is a good introduction to the daily struggle ‘spoonies’ deal with.
  • Lastly, the New York Times published an article by Jamison Hill a couple of years ago. It is a love letter from a man with severe ME (Hill) to his girlfriend who also suffers from the illness but has a milder case of it. It is a beautiful piece on the power of love and how it overcomes even severe illness.

Each of these pieces draws from a different experience of life with chronic illness, but they all have on thing in common: sick or not, we are also human beings just trying to do our best in this thing called life.

You can still donate to my fundraiser for research into ME/CFS via the Open Medicine Foundation HERE.

Much love,

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