The Rosa Rivera Mysteries: Mood Board

I have created a moodboard for my first mystery novel THE ROSA RIVERA MYSTERIES! I must say I rather love how it turned out!🧡🤎🤍

Read on for some tidbits about the book!

📒 Describe my work-in-progress (WIP): I’m currently editing the first book in my Rosa Rivera mystery series: DEADLY STAIRS! Due to my chronic illness it is a slooow process, but slow and steady wins the race!

📕 The Rosa Rivera Mysteries: blurb: “A brand-new mystery series set in a fictional town in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in which British-Colombian actress Rosa Rivera is forced to return to the place she left behind to pursue a career in LA when her uncle dies…”

📗 Genre: Murder mystery…

📘 Setting: Los Angeles, US and Yorkshire, UK

📙 Protagonist in 5 words: Rosa is a dreamer, has a tendency to be anxious, is impulsive and tenacious – which is both helpful and unhelpful in her amateur sleuthing to find a certain murderer… – and, most importantly to me, she is kind.

📒 Favourite supporting character: Isis, Rosa’s best friend and partner-in-crime. She has ME/CFS, like me! Or perhaps it is Leon…

📕 What movie or tv series best describes my WIP: the British cosy mystery is definitely the biggest inspiration for this series. Agatha Raisin, Midsomer Murders, Shakespeare & Hathaway and Death In Paradise for starters. But I’d also like to think my story – thanks to my protagonist – has a bit of a twist to it…

📗 What do I love most about my WIP: I can incorporate a lot of my own unfulfilled dreams in this story. Rosa is a lot like me in personality, but nothing like me in actions. She is much, much braver, even if she doesn’t realise that she is most of the time.

📙 For more teasers and info on my book-to-be, do make sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram pages! Any questions? Check out my bio for a way to contact me!

What do you think of my mood board? I hope you are as excited about the story as I am? Leave a comment below to tell me what you think and make sure to hit the follow button or enter your email below to receive future updates!

x Sandra

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